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The Dream & The Vision

The Alampara has been a complete labour of love


Set back from the busy highway in a traditional little village, surrounded by lush foliage, with a secluded lagoon and a private sandbar, it is a true gem - just as we had always dreamed.. 


The Alampara houses 4 Luxury Glamping tents and Nila restaurant. The backwaters surrounding this land are an absolute paradise for water-sport enthusiasts & bird watchers.


With exclusivity being the key, we strive to be a Clean Energy sufficient project by the year 2027. 


Educating the locals in the three surrounding villages on waste segregation and setting up a recycling plant for plastic waste. Using locally sourced talent thus creating jobs in the community and also bringing in schemes to focus on children’s education  to provide a more promising tomorrow.

Lush Green view
Tree Art
Coin 1

Nature is our priority.


Implementing a rehabilitation center for turtles and various species of birds that visit the grounds of ‘The Alampara’ is our goal. This entails the protection of the backwaters which is of paramount importance to the birds and sea life in the area.


The Logo

Closely situated to the Alamparai Fort, built during the Mugal era in the late 17th century, The Alampara's brand visuals and logo design were inspired from the coins that were minted during that period, from the abundant flora and fauna that blanket the landscape and from the sense of serenity that the ambience reflects. 

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