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Serene Abode - A Home away from Home

A perfect hideaway along the Coromandel Coast, The Alampara is a home away from home. Encircled by luscious foliage and home to all things slow, sustainable, and creative, The Alampara houses four luxury tents and a restaurant on a private sandbar with the tranquil waters of Marakkanam forming the backdrop. The rippling sound of the water and the scenic natural setting will spell tranquility all through your stay. Just the escape you need from the bustle of urban dwellings.


Historical Splendour

Marakkanam is a quaint little town tucked away amidst a pristine scenic surrounding. The Alamparai Fort dating back to the 17th century adds a regal historical touch to the locale, while the salt pans enhance the natural beauty of this village, thus making it an ideal getaway for a romantic or quiet holiday. The Alampara is spread over 50 acres dotted with secluded lakes and lagoons, besides eight acres of the private sand bar.

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Blend in with Nature

The freshness and the vivid colors that unfold on this extensive acre of land that house The Alampara are simply irresistible. Nature beckons you to blend with the exotic surroundings that offer lustrous foliage, sand bars, private beach, and the murmur of the water as it moves along casting a calming effect that is more than one can ask for.

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Stay at our luxury tents and unwind at this elite abode that takes pride in providing the best hospitality that is royal yet sustainable paying keen attention to every detail that will be a sheer delight to every guest.

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 Appease your palate and satiate your taste buds at our restaurant overlooking the lagoon with

our widespread gastronomical delights passionately cooked from homegrown produce.

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